Districts should make development schemes

04 Jan 2021
Districts should make development schemes

d order and strengthening all types of mafia. All collectors, commissioners and officials of government level should work in accordance with these goals and perform. Only those who perform well will continue in positions. In the first session of the virtual Collectors-Commissioners Conference in Mantralaya today, Shri Chouhan said that it is necessary that immediate and long-term efforts should be made to put an end to hooliganism, Naxalism, smuggling etc. in the state. Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains and other officials were present in the conference. He said that Madhya Pradesh has to remain first in the implementation of schemes initiated by Prime Minister Shri Modi. Our efforts should be the best so that good results are achieved.

Healthy competition must, we must not walk up a blind alley

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that Madhya Pradesh has to remain number one in every scheme. There should be healthy competition in the districts. He said that the state also has to stay ahead in the Prime Minister’s schemes. Collectors should also make plans for development of districts at the local level. We do not have to walk up a blind alley. Regular monitoring of schemes is required. Commissioner and I.G. must keep an eye on all works under their jurisdiction. Annual plan of development must be prepared. This plan has to be run from April 1. Reviews will be conducted every month. Districts will be rated on this basis, departments will also be rated. He said that we have to increase revenue also. The excuse of lack of funds will not work. The role of districts will be important.

Corona vaccine

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that all the districts should start making preparations to get their citizens vaccinated against Corona. Priority groups will be vaccinated first. Shri Chouhan said that he has decided that he will not get vaccinated first. The priority group should be the first to benefit. He instructed the collectors that after training of the Health Department staff for vaccination, further process should be paced up. District level staff must be active to implement the system of vaccination.

Purchase of paddy and other grains at support price

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan issued instructions to the collectors regarding paddy purchase and milling in the conference. He said that farmers should not have any problem in purchase. After purchase, the billing and payment process should be done soon. Districts where the payment status of Bajra is not satisfactory should take immediate action for payment. Districts where the speed of transportation has been slow or approvals have been delayed should pay attention to this. Purchase should not be stopped due to small and discoloured grains coming at the procurement centres and the farmers’ crops should be purchased. Strict action should be taken against people involved in demanding money or other irregularities in weighing. Collectors should take such measures so that money is not taken from farmers for weighing and loading at the weighing centres.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan sought information regarding paddy purchase and the status of jowar, bajra from the districts. He said that our government is a farmer-friendly government. Shri Chouhan congratulated the districts for doing good work in paddy, jowar and bajra procurement. He said that collectors should protect paddy in view of the weather and make arrangements of temporary cabs.

Action on irregularities

It was informed in the conference that a case has been registered in eight districts for irregularities in the procurement of food grains. Action has been taken against 55 institutions and individuals by registering 32 FIRs. About five thousand quintals of paddy was seized. 32 vehicles have also been seized in the state. In Rewa, 16 vehicles were seized. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan congratulated the Rewa Collector for this. It was informed at the conference that till January 03, 25 lakh 39 thousand 613 metric tonnes of paddy has been purchased in the state. Similarly, about two lakh metric tonnes of jowar and millet has also been purchased. A total of 4.28 lakh were procured from farmers. Their payment has also been made. A total of 87 percent has also been transported. Principal Secretary Food Shri Faiz Ahmed Kidwai informed that the Government of India officials visited Gwalior, Jabalpur division and also found the quality of paddy to be satisfactory. Except Gwalior, Chambal division, paddy purchase in the remaining divisions will continue till January 16. There are 1747 quality surveyors registered for 1417 procurement centres in the state. The procurement of jowar and millet has been completed. Five districts including Hoshangabad, Narsinghpur, Panna, Betul and Raisen are the best performers in procurement work,. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan instructed the remaining districts to put in more efforts for development. He also inquired about paddy storage and arrangement of gunny bags.

Do not stop lawful mining, take strict action against illegal mining

Regarding sand mining, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan instructed the collectors to take strict action against illegal mining and transporters without troubling the legitimate contractors. He said that revenue has increased after Commissioner Bhopal Shri Kavindra Kiyawat’s introduced the system for checking vehicles after sand extraction. Shri Chouhan said that this system should be adopted in other districts also.

Action against adulteration must continue

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that st the adulterators must not be spared under any circumstances. Adding green color to peas and red colour in chilly can be fatal. The work of mixing acid in potatoes was being done in Indore. The Health Department should follow up on these matters. The Chief Minister said that the action of demolition taken against the factory guilty of adulteration in Indore is good. Giving information about the campaign against adulterated foods in the conference, it was told that proper action has been taken in Neemuch, Dewas, Ujjain, Bhind, Ashoknagar and Morena districts. The Chief Minister sought information district-wise. He congratulated those who performed well and instructed the districts lagging behind to pay more attention.

Not distributing foodgrain on time is a sin

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that not delivering food grains on time is a crime, a kind of sin. He said that collectors should take strict action in such cases. Shri Chouhan appreciated the action taken on the consumer store operator in Satna. The Chief Minister said that other districts should also take such action on a continuous basis. Black marketing of food is a crime. Do not spare such criminals at all. It was informed in the conference that Datia, Morena, Chhatarpur, Gwalior, Sagar are among the first five districts of the state to take action against black marketing of ration and food grains.

Madhya Pradesh to be freed from land mafia

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan sought detailed information regarding law, order and crime control in the state. He said that the state has to freed of mafia. He reiterated clearly in the conference that the poor should not be put to trouble. Action should not be taken against general public in the name of encroachments. Action must be taken against the goondas and the influential persons. He congratulated Balaghat SP on effective anti-Naxal operations. He said that the Superintendent of Police, Balaghat and his entire team deserve to be congratulated for this work. Director General of Police Shri Vivek Johri said that about 900 hectares of government land has been freed from influential people under the anti-mafia campaign in the state. Shri Chouhan instructed to ensure the use of land freed from collectors. Collector Guna informed that an initiative has been taken to build a college on the freed land.Shri Chouhan congratulated Rewa Collector who got 42 acres of land freed. Similarly, he congratulated Collector Mandsaur on the action taken for the seizure of property worth Rs 1.5 crore. Shri Chouhan also congratulated the collectors of Dewas, Barwani, Sagar, Gwalior for their good work. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that those who perform well in this direction will be rewarded. He directed that strict action should be taken against chit fund companies. It was told in the conference that action has been taken in more than 200 cases in the state.

Noose tightened on illegal chit fund companies, MP’s innovations lauded

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan congratulated Madhya Pradesh Police for stopping illegal activities of chit fund companies. Nearly five lakh citizens in the state have got their money back. A total amount of Rs 825 crore was received by the investors. The Chief Minister congratulated the Director General of Police for this. It was told in the conference that Rs 618 crore was returned by Sahara India to Madhya Pradesh between May 1 and October 31, 2020. Director General of Police said that two innovations of Madhya Pradesh have been praised at the national level, this includes getting feedback from 1090 and the system of giving copy of FIR regarding crime against women to the victim. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also congratulated Madhya Pradesh Police for this.

Major actions taken against chit fund companies

  • District Rewa: Order passed to confiscate 42 acres of land of Sai Prakash Property Limited.

  • District Mandsaur: Order passed to confiscate property worth Rs 1.5 crore of Haldhan Realty India Limited.

  • District Neemuch: Rs 5.5 crore of Future Maker Life Care Private Limited Company frozen.

  • District Badwani: Order passed to confiscate assets worth Rs 5 crore 47 lakhs of BN Goldai Pvt. Ltd., RKR Company, Guru Sai Real Estate Company.

  • District Sagar: Order passed to confiscate 40.41 hectares of land of Sahara Credit Co-operative Society.

  • District Gwalior: Order passed to seize assets worth Rs 4 cores of Saksham Dairy, India Pvt. Ltd.

Keep an eye on cyber crime

Reviewing cyber crime, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that cyber crime must be prevented, separate call centres should be made. Also public awareness for cyber crime should be enhanced. He said that in view of increasing cases of cyber crime, common people should also be aware. Police staff should also be made skillful. He said that he would hold discussion with the Government of India to seek cooperation in this field. In addition, experts will also be hired on contractual basis. The Chief Minister said that the police should make efforts to ban pornographic web series. It is necessary to protect the youth from this poison. It was informed in the conference that last month, 53 cases of cyber crime were registered in the state. The vigilant districts include Neemuch, Dewas, Ujjain, Bhind, Ashoknagar and Morena.

Crime against girls and women unforgivable

The Chief Minister also sought information regarding crimes against girls and women in the conference. He also inquired about the action taken in relation to the identified crimes. The Director General of Police informed that proper action has been taken on such crimes in some districts in the state. Seoni, Agar-Malwa, Satna, Harda, Burhanpur districts have acted promptly and been included among the best districts. The Chief Minister lauded the action taken against identified crimes. Dewas, Khargone, Neemuch, Mandla, Ujjain, Panna and Chhindwara districts are ahead in such action. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan congratulated the Superintendents of Police of these districts.


Chief Minister Shri Chouhan sought information about crimes against girls in the state and reviewed it. He said that the number of recoveries of girls in Bhind is very low in all the cases related to kidnapping in all the districts, which is a cause for concern. He instructed the Director General of Police to seek information about the missing girls and take them to their families. The districts which have made 80 to 84 percent recoveries include Dewas, Alirajpur, Jhabua, Sheopur and Ashoknagar. The Chief Minister directed the Director General of Police to take strict action in the cases of sexual offenses against women and punish the culprits. It was informed in the conference that better steps have been taken in such cases in Seoni, Agar-Malwa, Satna, Harda and Burhanpur. The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan also directed to ensure strict punishment for those guilty under zilabadar and NSA in connection with the crimes against women. He also instructed to increase awareness at every level by getting information about the pattern of such crimes using resources based on information technology