Deen Dayal Rasoi Scheme

Deen Dayal Rasoi scheme has been introduced on April 7, 2017, to provide low-cost food to poor people living & working in urban areas. Implemented across the state, under the scheme, people are being provided with a complete meal for just Rs. 5 from 11 AM to 3 PM. 

Main Characteristics:

- Collectors have been authorized to decide the menu so that the food is prepared accordingly.

- Food is being prepared in smart kitchens. Urban bodies arrange electricity supply & water for the kitchens.

- For the implementation of the scheme, the amount is being taken from Industry department under Corporate Social Responsibility.

- Any individual or society can contribute or financially support the scheme.

- District level coordination & monitoring committee monitors the system. Apart from the officials, the presidents of 'Ananj Vyapari Sangh' and 'Sabzi Mandi Association' are also a member of the committee. 

- Wheat & Rice is made available at a rate of Rs. 1/Kg for kitchen centers.

- Deen Dayal Rasoi has been opened in at least one place in each district headquarter. More than one center can be set up in big cities as needed.

- For the establishment of centers, the fund is being made available from Chief Minister Urban Infrastructure Scheme. For each center, a bank account has been opened in a nationalized bank in the local headquarter.