Ladli Laxmi Yojana

The objective of this scheme, implemented from the year 2006 is to lay a firm foundation of girls’ future through improvement in their educational and economic status and to bring about a positive change in social attitude towards the birth of a girl. Under the scheme, National Savings Certificates worth Rs 6 thousand are purchase by the state government in the name of a girl every year after her birth till the amount reaches Rs 30,000. The girl covered under the scheme is given Rs 2 thousand on getting admission in class VI, Rs four thousand on getting admission in class IX and Rs 7,500 on admission in class XI. She is given Rs 200 per month during her studies in class XI and XII. When the girl attains the age of 21 and had not married before 18 years of age, she will be paid the amount in lump sum, which comes to Rs one lakh

The benefits of the scheme are extended to the parents, who had adopted family planning after two alive children, are registered in an Anganwadi center and are not income tax payees.

After the scheme’s implementation, a positive change has started to come in the social attitude towards the birth of a girl child. The tendency of considering a girl’s birth as a curse is on the vane and the thinking about girls as a burden on the family is also changing. The scheme is also proving helpful in curbing the incidence of child marriage.